Elusive Symmetry (2012)
for harp, guitar and live computer processing
(with optional video)
Premiered by Eleanor Turner and Alan in 2012.

For score/parts, please contact info@alanthomas-guitar.com

Meanwhile Escher was also concerned with a problem to which he returned at intervals throughout his life--the transposition of music into graphic representation. He talked about this to his father, who later noted in his diary that his son was so obsessed with the problem that it gave him sleepless nights. [from M.C. Escher, His Life and Complete Graphic Work]

I have been fascinated by the prints of the Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher since I was a boy. His work has been an ongoing inspiration to me as I have tried to find musical analogies to the "serious games" he played in his graphic work. The following pieces were written for a multimedia show that the harpist Eleanor Turner and I created with the hip-hop dancer Lizzie Gough in 2012, and are now out on CD--check it out here!


Magic Mirror

The Curl-up

Regular Division of the Plane