Trois regards sur Couperin (2017) for alto flute, violin, cello and guitar
I. Les baricades mysterieuses
II. Gravement
III. Forlane

duration: 11'

Score and parts: please email


Programme Note

Francois Couperin is one of my favourite composers. His harpsichord ordres and chamber music seem to contain the full range of human emotion, but always conveyed with a degree of detail and lightness of touch to which I aspire. My Trois regards sur Couperin are based on three of my favourite Couperin works: "Les baricades mysteriesuses", Couperin's most famous piece, is here treated as a kind of tapestry, with short melodic lines extracted from the texture and distributed between the instruments. "Gravement" features the violin and cello to imitate the viol, and "Forlane" is a delightful and joyous dance.