Alan Thomas

guitarist and composer

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The Cavatina Duo's wonderful recording of my version of the 12 Telemann solo flute Fantasias with added guitar part is out now on Bridge records! For more info click here.
A recent video following on from my mini concert tour of Bach's complete works for lute.
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The new Arie Duo CD, Cuentos de Opera, features Alan's piece "Fantasy on Themes from 'Die Fledermaus'", which was commissioned by the duo.
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playing Steve Reich's "Electric Counterpoint" with live remixing by Aphex Twin (one of my musical heroes) at the Sacrum Profanum festival in Poland. Almost certainly the only chance I'll ever get to play for 5000 people in a giant steel factory filled with lasers (and Steve Reich on his 75th birthday)

(I'm the little speck to the right of the Aphex Twin speck)
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A Nice Review of the Cavatina Duo's "Sephardic Journey" CD, which features my "Trio Sefardi"

"A tone of gravitas is immediately apparent in the Trio Sefardi by frequent Cavatina collaborator Alan Thomas, aided by the addition of cello to the duo. Each of the three movements is based on a Sephardic song. Thomas' music is compositionally sophisticated, but without any sacrifice of power or urgency. The longest movement is the first, free variations on a song of lamentation. The next two movements, while shorter and lighter in tone add to a work which is an important addition to the repertoire." [Al Kunze, Soundboard magazine]